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How to Select the right VoIP Telecommunications System for Your Business

Ten Questions to Ask When Choosing a Business VoIP System:

  1. Does the VoIP provider ensure that your Internet connection will provide the correct QOS (Quality of Service) for VoIP telephony?

  2.  Is the VoIP system hosted on redundant fiber internet access with guaranteed network uptime?

  3. Can you add new VoIP handsets, or use existing phone system hardware? 4.Is multi-office telecommunications?

  4. Is multi-office telecommunications 4 digit access included?

  5. Are handsets "Plug and Play" for easy integration of remote or traveling users, or disaster recovery purposes?

  6.  Does the VoIP business phone service provide emergency e 911 service?

  7.  Does business VoIP solution provide for easy administration?
  8. Are PBX phone features and extensions included in the VoIP service?

  9. Are Outlook and email integration included in the business VoIP phone system?

  10. Are call monitoring and conference calling included?

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